Rodents chewing on car parts isn't really new.

Mainers have had this problem, likely since cars came into Maine. we've all heard stories of people getting wires chewed, or animals staying warm up inside the engine or whatever. I had a mouse com crawling right out from under the hood and ride for a while on the antenna before I finally got out and got him down from the antenna and released him.

Small brown rat near wooden wall on floor
Liudmila Chernetska

But these days, rodents are expanding their palate's a bit. Sure, like all the things above... We're used to that. But recently, people have been seeing evidence that rodents here in Maine have taken quite a shine to tastier parts of the car. They've moved onto other things because of a new and crazy food source.

So what are they eating?

Of course, if you see any kind of obvious rodent damage, you should have your whole vehicle checked out. But it could get worse now, as most of the major car companies are starting to use plastics that are sourced from soy and corn, castor beans, and even sugar cane. Ford even released a cookbook highlighting things their vehicles are made from, according to the BDN.

So many different parts of newer cars are being made form these bio-ingredients, that it's only a matter of time before the issue becomes more serious. Josh Reardon of Reardon Automotive and Diagnostics in Bangor told the BDN that the problems are there. Especially with wires and tubing. They haven't seen some of the issues other folks have, but say it's only a matter of time.


so it just sounds like one more thing trying to eat up our cars here in Maine. Of course, I never specifically thought we'd be making cars out of corn and soy, but here we are. It's a long way from the old days of 7,000 pound steel beasts ruling the roads, but no rat was gonna chew the quarter panels off it either. Oh well. Progress...

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