Do you believe in karma?

Seriously... Think about it. If there were a such thing as karma and reincarnation, living your next life here in Maine must be about as high a blessing as you could get. I'm not trying to get all spiritual by any means, but we really do have a pretty quiet life up here in the corner of the U.S.

Low population, room to spread out, absolutely stunning scenery at every turn... you name it, we've got it in spades. It's easy to let life get you down sometimes with it's every day grind, but we've got a good thing going around here. Even when it comes to Mother Nature. Yes, even in winter time.

Science and the numbers back up this claim.

According to, Maine is the absolute safest state in all the United States when it comes to natural disasters. Sure, we get weather that impact us pretty badly sometimes, but it's typically in situations we can predict. Snow storms, high winds, and things like that. We know when they're coming and can prepare a bit.

But even then, we don't see hurricanes here. We may see the tail end of one, but nothing super crazy. We have a whopping 2 tornadoes a year, on average. And those hover between an F0 and an F1, the weakest of twisters. Floods happen, but not with great frequency.

So around these parts, we can just take a deep breath and relax. Even in winter, our storms could be worse. The real stuff is in the midwest and along the Great Lakes. Check out that snow sometime. Anyway, it's nice to know that the numbers back up what we already know... Maine really is the way life should be.

This guy really knows how to winter around here... Love this guy!

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