We couldn't fight it forever.

No matter how much we wish, there will never be a reasonable end to winter in Maine. Let's face it, if winter as we know it ever stops, there will be much larger problems. But secretly, we all wish there were a way to just get rid of snow altogether. I guess you could move where it doesn't snow, but then there would be the heat. We just can't win.

Kawaikui Sunset

But usually when the end of October rolls around, we all start wondering when the snow will fly. We get a little edgier every day, wondering if the temps will dip just enough to send the white stuff to town. Well, we may not have to wonder much longer, judging by the recent forecast.

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Parts of Maine could actually see snow on Monday.

Now, the forecast is just calling for potential snow. This doesn't mean we're going to be blitzed with it. Although, that's exactly what happened back in the fall of 2014. Right around Halloween, we got something like a foot of snow around Bangor, and folks even lost power for several days while it was all sorted out.

Car buried in snow

There doesn't appear to be any talk like that, but Todd Simcox from WABI has said that it could happen. Likely, the Northern part of the state could see some light accumulation. Here in the Bangor area, we may see flakes, but it will mostly present as wet snow/rain. The closer you get to the coast, the more it will be rain.


Highs on Monday will only reach the 30's-40's, which feels double crappy after how gorgeous the first part of the weekend was. Temps into the 70's at the end of October is quite welcome. It happened last year too, when Halloween saw some super warm temps. But it won't matter for long... Winter will find us.

We'll be seeing plenty more of this stuff come December/January... check these photos out.

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