How many times have I told you Mother Nature is a fickle you-know-what?

It borders on ridiculous. Maine is notorious for its weird weather. Weird almost sounds too nice. It's been my experience that if you try to plan any kind of outdoor event in Maine, you may as well just move it indoors. The sun could be shining right up until the start, but as soon as you need it, the rug will disappear from under your feet.

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Last summer, there was no summer in summer. There was kind of a fall, and winter was a drunken mess when it finally got here. Then spring arrived weeks early, only to have it actually become spring, and it's somehow now winter again. That's brutal. And next week, all best are off as we enter actual spring-like weather. Like, what?

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All the seasons are in the wrong spot.

Four season collage from arrow banners - all used photos belong to me

Like I was saying earlier, the curtains don't match the rugs at all lately, weather-wise. But we may finally see a little relief, as far as feeling like we haven't been abandoned by the seasons. Despite all we've been through, the upcoming forecast for next week could possibly make up for next week. Especially when everyone is hoping for good eclipse viewing.

Photo by Jan Haerer on Unsplash
Photo by Jan Haerer on Unsplash

Once we get all this crap out of the way, which seems like it's hanging around until Saturday, according to the National Weather Service, Sunday looks amazing. To whet our appetites for what could be in store next week, temps will climb close to 50 degrees. Monday and Tuesday though, look stellar. Wednesday, a mixed bag, but still pretty awesome comparatively.


Maybe temps in the 60's?!?!

Monday - Wednesday next week look fairly sunny, and temps will climb into the 50's. Thursday and Friday are teasing the possibility of getting into the mid-60's. Of course, those days have a potential for some rain. So it'll be warm, but there may be some April showers to go with it.

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Of course, all this could fall apart at any minute, because this is Maine and it never totally works out perfect, hahaha. The best part is that we'll be able to melt all the incoming snow pretty quickly. So as crappy as it will be to get it, it won't stick around very long. Let's just hope that's not how our summer goes... Not sticking around very long.

This is some crazy info right here. It's nuts...

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