This whole flag debate has been going on way too long.

Let's be real... Haven't we all had just about enough of this? I won't lie, I think our current flag isn't that spectacular, but a pine tree and a star doesn't exactly add a "wow" factor either. But, it's been center-stage here in Maine for a hot minute as residents have haggled about our new flag for a few years.

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At least at this point, it's ultimately going to referendum, because tons of people freaked out at the prospect of not having any input. So ultimately, Maine will choose this fall. However, along the lines of having input, the state is looking for your input on the actual design, and are even taking your submissions, according to a press release from Secretary of State, Shannon Bellows. But there's a catch...

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The rules for submission are pretty strict.

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Now, if you think you're going to be able to just offer up any old design for the new flag, you'd be quite wrong. In fact, the rules are so specific, it makes one wonder why the state is bothering at all. It has to be on a pale, yellowish background, and it also has to have a pine tree and a blue star.


Wait, doesn't that seem suspiciously like the design already being proposed? Yup. It's basically the exact design. Of course, it has an added requirement that I find even funnier. Specifically, it says it has to be simple enough that a child could, "draw it from memory", according to the design rules from the state.

Photo by Amit Gaur on Unsplash
Photo by Amit Gaur on Unsplash

So what's the point?

That's a good question! Mostly, in her press release, Sec. Bellows felt that residents should be involved and that the decision shouldn't be hers alone. That's cool and all, but all the designs have to look like the design being currently proposed anyway. So while they want your input, it's so limited it's almost comical.

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It's like being asked to get creative with a gourmet meal, and then being handed a bunch of ingredients and recipe cards. So while it may seem cool to offer people input, maybe actually let them have some real input. No one likes fooled into thinking they're getting something they're not.

Your input would be much more useful in a poll like this, hahaha.

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