This week's weather was nuts.

When I drove into work today, the aftermath of yesterday's storm was out of control. It looked like tornadoes had been crushing the whole area into oblivion. I saw trees down. Trees laying on power lines. Roads blocked by trees that were down. Signs broken. Windows damaged... You name it, I saw it.

damaged car

As has been the case every few months through all of 2023, roads being washed out have been another serious issue. Everywhere you go after a big storm all year, there have been roads that have been closed for days at a time for repairs. Major roads at that. Some main roads around Maine have been closed until they can get a grip on the damage.

Sunday River Ski Resort lost an entire entrance.

I suppose one could argue that having something like that happening to Sunday River right now, could be a blessing. The temps statewide have been so warm, and no real snow so far this year, so it may not hurt them as bad as it could at other points. On the other hand, in the video below, you can watch an entire entrance to Sunday River just disappear into an overflowing stream. Check it out:

Entrance near Sunday River in Bethel
byu/dv37h1 inMaine

I've seen some washout videos over the years, but in this, you can literally watch the whole entrance basically crumple up and just go away. It's just very slowly grabbed by the current under it, and it's gone. But statewide, this is nothing unique. There are so many washouts. It's got to be straight-up dangerous in a lot of places.

Arguably, for the next several days, you may want to consult the locals about which route you take when you drive. It'd be awful to get almost all the way where you're headed, only to get turned around because the road's washed out. And obviously, be careful out there.

Maine has had so many weather disasters the last few years, it's hard to keep up.

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