How big is your mailbox?

When my wife and I bought our current house, I managed to slide on some ice and take out the mailbox within the first week. It wasn't my most brilliant move of all time, but I snapped the pole it was sitting on and everything. So I had to start from scratch. And at the time, I felt like we bought a "full-size" mailbox.

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Although, as I've grown to notice since, I wish I'd gotten a jumbo mailbox. Mostly because every time I got to get the mail, it's stuffed full of packages. And sometimes I wonder how they even get the mail in there, around the packages. For that matter, it would be nice to be able to fit some bigger ones too, so they didn't have to sit in the rain on my steps.

The USPS reeeally wishes you'd upgrade to a bigger box.

Old School Retro Metal Mailbox Full

So last week was Mailbox Improvement Week, according to WABI, and at the heart of all they were suggesting/hoping for, was that Mainers would consider upgrading the actual size of their mailboxes. Most boxes these days, were put out before Amazon and online shopping in general, had reached fever pitch.

Kit L.
Kit L.

These days, Americans seemingly would rather order something online, than go out to a store and buy it. Can't blame folks for that. Convenience is a heck of a reason to do anything. So with the increased amount of package deliveries, the USPS hopes of all improvements you might make, the bigger box will be it.

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Of course, there's other things you can do. You can upgrade what you have, but you can also just fix some of the issues your existing box has. Maybe the door is loose or the flag is bent. Fix that stuff too! It doesn't have to be Mailbox Improvement Week to make necessary fixes. And bonus, you'll make your mail carrier very happy. That can't be a bad thing...

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