But it's also still super dangerous!

How is this not a law yet? It is in New Hampshire. According to Car and Driver, a driver in New Hampshire was charged with vehicular assault, among other charges, after a piece of ice came off his box truck and injured another driver.

Car roof under snow.

In Massachusetts, they don't have a law that makes it mandatory to clean off the ice or snow from the roof of your car, BUT (and as you can see, it's a big but), you CAN be charged with driving with an unsecured load.

WMGE13 reported a year ago that Representative Dustin White (R-Mars Hill) brought up the issue in the legislative council. White says that everyone thinks it's already against the law, but it's not. Currently, you have to clear your windshield and side windows. To get this passed, there has to be a majority vote. New Hampshire, Connecticut, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island all have this law on the books.

For some reason, Maine is still resistant to making this an actual law. I don't understand it, at least once a winter we hear of a car having ice and snow fly off their roof and smashing into a car behind them.  I know it's not easy reaching the roof of your car to get the snow off! But if you've ever been behind a truck and chunks are flying off in your direction - it makes you think right quick that you need not to be THAT car.



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