There's a solid reason I bring this up...

I was cruising the interwebz and found this article, ranking all the US states by their level of "toughness". Not in the sense we're used to, but as if states were magically going to fight each other in the squared circle. The article from didn't pick matches, but they did list the states in order of what the toughest were.

Would you believe that Maine came in at #33, with Alaska at #1? Like, what?! Did the person who wrote this ever visit Maine? While I do understand that Alaska is home to one of the most dangerous jobs on Earth, with their seasonal crab fishing. But Mainers are out there every day in our own gulf hauling traps. There are plenty of reasons why Maine should be way higher up on this list. Let's check a few out...

1. We haul our own traps in our own Gulf as well.


Is the Gulf of Maine as dangerous as the Bering Sea? Maybe not all the time. But there's certainly plenty of danger out there. Plus, a lot of fishermen in Maine don't use a lot of fancy equipment to do the job. Tons of those men and women haul it all up by hand. Also, does Alaska have a 100+ year-old woman out hauling traps? I didn't think so.

2. Have you ever met any Maine lumberjacks?

The lumberjack is cutting wood in snow while falling snow at winter.

I guess these days loggers is the more universal term. My grandfather worked in the camps for years, as did his father before him. I heard a story once about an old Frenchman that cut his chest wide open with a chainsaw and showed up for work the next day. I'm 100% no joking. If that's not tough...

3. We've experienced a harsh winter or two.

Car buried in snow

While I do believe that winter was worse 50-100 years ago, it's not like we're just sitting around in our bathing suits. Sure, Alaska has natives that have lived out on the ice itself for thousands of years, but we've had dudes getting drunk on lakes pulling out togue for quite some time as well. Maybe not exaclty apples and oranges, but still...

4. We have to deal with way more entitled tourists.

Adventurous senior couple taking travel selfie at Giglio Island

This alone makes us so much more resilient than some other states. We've had decades of entitled people testing every fiber of our patience. So I figure if you can get a real rise out of us, it's not going to go well for you because we're about to snap, hahaha.

Now, I pick on Alaska the most because I was always told that if you're trying to declare dominance, you have to go pick a fight with the biggest dog in the yard. Some of the other states between us and Alaska wouldn't stand a chance either. Virginia? No way. Pennsylvania? Come on... I'm telling you. Do what you must, but I don't advise messing with Maine.

This is likely a problem in both states...

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