We all love pizza, but sometimes you want a burger...

Married life takes work. Not in a bad way, but really, all good marriages take a decent amount of work. It's the good kind though. It's about always finding fresh news ways to make your partner happy. That could be anything as huge as getting engaged, or as small as watching their favorite TV show instead of yours.

Photo by Centre for Ageing Better on Unsplash
Photo by Centre for Ageing Better on Unsplash

And of course in all marriages, there often comes a time where you are still very much in love with each other, but you just need to try something different. And honestly, I should reduce this to married couples. Every couple needs a little inspiration every now and then. So when it comes to spicing up our love lives here in the Pine Tree State, what activity do we want to try the most?

Based on how much we love ATV's, and power tools, the results didn't shock me.

A survey was recently published over at FutureMethod.com and they asked Americans several questions surrounding the idea of getting it on. Now to be fair, this website isn't 100% NSFW, but there's definitely some adult subject matter. But it makes it pretty easy to understand what everyone's into trying.

But here in Maine? We seem most interested in bringing adult toys into the equation. Again, based on Mainers' love of every other kind of toy, this didn't totally surprise me. Most of New England just wanted to try new positions, while Connecticut seemed all about just sending nudes. Vermont? They didn't even make any of the lists. Puritans...

Photo by Julia Taubitz on Unsplash
Photo by Julia Taubitz on Unsplash

And then there was a whole subset of folks, not specifically from Maine that wanted to build an entire room, dedicated to just sex specifically. Hey, whatever turns your crank. But overall, we Mainers just wanna bring a sexy toy into our sexy time. Now you can't say you didn't know...

Feel free to make this have a double meaning, if you want...

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