To be fair, this winter hasn't been all that bad.

Granted, I'm sure some people who live along the coast may want to dispute that notion, but most of that crazy weather featured unseasonably warm temps. So while it was devastating, it sure didn't feel like winter when it was happening. The rain was insane, but thank heavens it wasn't snow.

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For that matter, I haven't had to pay out squat to the plow guy. He came by a few times, but nothing serious. I feel like last year and the year before, I was gonna go broke paying that guy. But that's the nature of that relationship... What's good for my wallet, isn't necessarily as awesome for my plow guy.

This weekend, no one will have anything to complain about.

The National Weather Service seems pretty solid concerning this weekend's weather. We've flirted with 50 degree temps here and there this winter, but haven't really been able to enjoy them. It's either been rainy, or windy, or both. But as this weekend rolls around, it looks like things may be just... nice.

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Of course, this is Maine, so pretty much anything can happen. But statewide, it looks like temps will hover somewhere just on either side of 50 degrees, depending on location. Bangor could see the mid 50's on Saturday/Sunday. This would be a welcome change...


Portland and Presque Isle look they could settle in the upper 40's, nudging right up on 50 degrees. Again, a welcome change. I know sometimes folks worry about the water table when we lack snow, but we've had so much rain this winter, I hope things turn out ok. That said, let's all enjoy a bonus weekend of halfway decent weather for a change.

Let's see how our potential weekend in the 50's stacks up against other states extreme temps...

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