Hey everyone, let's talk about another awesome event being sidelined by coronavirus. Yay! The Maine Whoopie Pie Festival is being pushed into a digital format, as opposed to be canceled altogether. But honestly, what's the point? Are they going to email me a whoopie pie? Or maybe post a whoopie pie on my Facebook wall?

According to WVFX - TV22, the festival is being re-branded this year as 'Whooptober' and will go all month long, instead of just the usual one weekend. Basically, they will be posting directions to various vendors and bakers, so that folks can travel about and try all their delicious whoopie pies.

You can then go to the festival website, where you can vote for your favorites. I do see a fun opportunity to spend the month of October driving around on weekends looking for the best whoopie pies around. Although, I really only have to drive to my mom's house. Everyone knows old Maine moms have the best recipes.

I know at the beginning I was wondering how it would all shake out. Really, how do you make a food festival of any kind virtual? But, for me, if you frame this more like a month long Whoopie Pie Crawl, then all of a sudden I can wrap my brain around the whole thing. Which is good, because I want to wrap my whole jaw around a whoopie pie.

So sure, it's another thing looking more different than ever, but is better to just cancel it? No way. It's way better to be slightly inconvenienced, and support a long-standing Maine tradition. Besides, it's our state dessert. And, it's really fun to stuff your face full of sweet treats. I think you know what to do....

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