This storm is quickly becoming one for the ages.

On the other hand, it seems to happen more and more all the time. I'm not even getting into climate stuff... But it seems at least a few times a year now, we get a powerful wind/rain storm, or sometimes snow too, that causes us to have catastrophic power losses state wide. For days.

Robert Hoetink

And for those in the broadcasting industry, it wreaks all kinds of havoc. With giant towers being a necessary part of the operation, high winds are not your friend. As such, towers fall, or the massive power outages affect the remote areas where these towers are often located.

Channel 2 here in Bangor is among those affected.

It's not going to be too bad, but from time to time in the coming days, WLBZ will need to go off the air for about 30 minutes while they refuel their generator. They released this info on their Facebook page last night. They also reminded folks that you can always catch news and weather info on their website.

Portable electric generator running in the cold winter.
Vitaliy Halenov

When they refuel their generator, which is obviously much larger than the one pictured above, it requires shutting down all operations at the site to refuel safely. When the generator goes down, all broadcasting will go down with it, for about 30 minutes. In fact, by the time you read this, it'll probably already have happened for today. It's scheduled for Wednesday at 7:00am.

But, until everything is back in tip-top shape, this may need to happen again. So really, they just want to get the word out so folks won't be quite as surprised when Channel 2 just disappears for a bit. Of course, it'll still catch some people off guard, but that's just the way it goes.

Let's see if this years big wind storm will make it onto this list...

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