You've seen the people on social media working hard to raise their profile. Being an 'influencer' is big business in today's market. Whether it's photos, videos or doing anything they can to gain more attention or followers, the hustle is real. So while there are many who spend countless hours working overtime to go viral, every so often you come across someone who 'accidentally' finds fame.  Someone who was in the right place, at the right time and just happen to have the right story. And this is that person.


Shared on Twitter by Jason Bosch, get ready to be blown away by this fantastical story from Maine. Clearly the video is not being shot in Vacationland, but the interviewer is looking for people who believe the Earth is flat in hopes of discovering their reasoning behind that belief. She finds a pair of people willing to admit they believe in the flat Earth theory, but the story behind it is really a piece of work.

The unnamed woman declares herself to be a lobsterwoman from Maine and the reason she believes the Earth is flat is because her Uncle brought his boat to the 3-mile line (aka exemption line) and then never returned. As she states very colorfully in the video, she personally believes that he found the sharp edge of the Earth and sailed right off of it. Forget Paul Bunyan, that is quite the tall tale in itself.

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