I am not a poster child for how someone *should* drive a car.

I'm not saying I'm a bad driver. Because no one ever does. Have you ever met anyone that admitted right out of the gate that they were a bad driver? Most folks are far too busy pointing a certain finger at other drivers, but never really give a thought to what their own habits are.

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Again, I'm not saying I'm a perfect driver. But, I don't hold up traffic. I don't weave in and out of cars. I don't pass people in the breakdown lane doing 120 mph. But these are definitely all things I've seen people do in the last several weeks. And what was the one thing all these drivers had in common?

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They all had Maine license plates.


As Mainers, we've been complaining about drivers from other states as long as I've been alive. Of course, most of that indignation was aimed specifically at drivers from Massachusetts. But funny thing... Whenever I drive in Boston, everything seems easier to navigate. If I need to get in another lane, I simply put my blinker on and fade in. Cars just simply back off and let you in.

Boston, Massachusetts, USA skyline over Boston Common.
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In Maine, if you tried to do that, there's a good chance you'll get a gun pulled on you. Or the ever-familiar event, where the angry driver speeds ahead of you, just to get in front of you and slow down. All the while, flipping you every bird in the business. Police standoffs have happened in Maine as the result of road rage. It's crazy.

Silly man gets into car crash and makes ridiculous face

I've lost count of all the near-misses I've seen and had.

Maine drivers have adopted a philosophy of always needing to be the one in 1st place. News flash: There's no blue ribbon for getting home from work 3 minutes earlier than you did yesterday. And there aren't nearly enough blue lights to deal with all these people trying to rule the road.

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Sure not every Mainer is like this, but this growing trend should stop. I don't want to die trying to get to Hannaford because you want to get there 8 seconds ahead of me. What's the point? Here's an idea, want an empty lane on the highway? Try going to the speed limit. Then you'll see just how many jerks need to be ahead of you. But... you will be in a lane all alone. Guaranteed...

Let's go back to simpler times when people got along...

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