Was fast food better as a kid, or as an adult?

When I was a kid, I played intramural basketball on the weekends at school. When the games were over for the day, my grandfather usually took me to MacDonald's afterwards. As an adult, I wish I could go back and spend more time with my grandfather, because he was the coolest dude on Earth.

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As an adult, I could really take or leave most fast food, because my tastes have just grown beyond it. That doesn't mean I never eat any, but hardly ever. Funny thing is, as much as Mainers love fast food, there's one particular fast food restaurant you'll never find here. Good thing too, because it's America's "worst" fast food chain.

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There are zero Long John Silver's locations in Maine.

This seems on-brand to me. If I were a seafood based fast food chain, the last place I might try and land a location, would be here in Maine. It'd be like trying to open a burger joint, inside a steak house. Maine has a thriving seafood scene, and we'd never let something as out of touch as Long John Silver's come in here to make a go of it.

Lobster with lemon.

If you look around, you won't find a Red Lobster in Maine. There was one in Bangor years and years ago, but as you can imagine, it didn't last very long. Who wants their version of lobster, when we can quite handily cook our own at home. Some things just aren't worth the effort. As Red Lobster found out.

Why are they the worst in America?

Fish frozen in ice block. Fresh fish.

Well, probably because 90% of their seafood is frozen, and either fried back to life, or otherwise ruined in some way. It's hard to get behind the idea of eating frozen fish and chips, when you can find ten places nearby, serving haddock or cod right off the boat. I can see why maybe they love Long John Silver's in Iowa, but Maine? Get outta here...

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Most of the other "worst" chains, we do have in Maine. Like Burger King, or KFC, or Subway. But Long John Silver's has one shred of business smarts at least, that keeps them from trying to do it in Maine. We love our seafood too much to be insulted with frozen anything...

It's funny, I thought all of our food was totally normal, hahaha. Check this list out...

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