Maine has its good and bad qualities, like everywhere.

If you spend enough time on Reddit, you'll see a few trends about the way out-of-staters talk about us. Aside from asking questions about vacation spots and things like that, they have a deep tendency to tell us what they think of us. I suppose it's fair because a lot of Mainers are only too eager to share how they feel about people from away.

From time to time, they say nice things, but because it's social media, the number of people that come to Reddit to say nice things to/about us are few and far between. However, the keyboard warriors of the world looooove to say what's on their minds. After all, it's a safe and public way to shame people who annoy you.

Didn't your mother ever teach you, if you don't have anything nice to say...

Case in point, this person on Reddit I saw, decided we're the worst alcoholic chain-smokers in the whole entire country. Because you know, "they've lived all over...". Now, we probably have our fair share. Definitely with smokers. We're definitely above the national average. But not as drinkers. There are far worse places than us.

Nationally, I can't say we should be proud of where we're at. But, we're out of the Top 10. However, we are the worst New England state. But there are ten other states who drink way more than we do. Michigan and Iowa are far worse. The worst state of all is North Dakota.

As you can imagine, this person was destroyed in the comment section. As they should be. I'd love to see where all the places they've lived before rate. And, do these people only hang out in bars? Maybe see a bit more about what Maine has to offer all over before you decide to tell us how it is here...


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