I'm a born and bred Mainer, so this isn't just some flatlander just venting.

It's true. We're terrible. I'm willing to admit that it's such a thing, that it's affected my own driving, and I feel like I make totally crap moves at least half the time. We constantly complain that people from Massachusetts are the worst, or Connecticut. Well, Connecticut may actually be the worst, but this isn't about them.

I'm talking about us. You and me. We tailgate each other. We harass each other. Flip each other the bird so many times a day, I'm surprised we're not all getting physical therapy for repetitive motion injuries from sticking up that one blessed finger. I'm tired of pretending that we're nicer behind the wheel than anyone else. Even to each other.

It pretty much feels like Mad Max on the highway.

I hate driving on the interstate for the most part. You can literally be doing 85mph, and someone will still pass you and give you a side-eye, as though you're the one being an idiot. Or tell me the last time you saw someone merge correctly? What really warms my heart most, are the wonderful folks who merge onto the interstate at 94mph. You're the true highway hero. It's a special feeling having to slam on my brakes because you think YIELD means hit the gas and shoot Warp 2.

Tell me the last time you saw someone merge correctly?

One doesn't have to look too far online to see all the stupid road rage cases here in Maine the last few weeks. I've seen things on Reddit, Facebook, etc, about people freaking out and getting super aggressive. Other people have drawn their weapons and made threatening advances. What in the actual fudge is this all about? Because someone cut in front of you when there was no one behind you?

People don't change easily, so I'm not suggesting that either.

I'm also not saying it's ok to be a road rage-y jerk who threatens people over nothing. I've been consciously trying to change my ways, and it's reeeeally hard. I still swear a lot. Like, a LOT. But I'm not foolish enough to preach to anyone about how they drive. You gotta be you. As for me, I'll just keep both hands on the wheel and stay on the back roads.

For real though, it is what it is, let's just stop lying about it.


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