Where do you park your car?

For years when I lived in southern Maine, there was no decent place to park a car. When I lived in apartments, it was always a bitter battle for parking spots, whether it was close to work or close to home, there was a Battle Royale to be had at some point. Or worse, wasting gas for half an hour while searching for something anywhere near where you needed to be.

It didn't get any better when my wife and I bought our first house. The place we settled on in the heart of Westbrook, had no driveway. So we parked in the public lot across the street. It wasn't as bad as it sounds, but it sucked not having a driveway. When we got our next house and it had a garage, I never wanted to go back.

But I really feel like I'm in the minority.

I was driving around this weekend, and it kind of hit me that hardly anyone on my road parked their vehicles in their garage. Well, that's not entirely true, depending on your definition of vehicle. People parked anything that moved in the spots I began to notice. Just not the car or truck.

Out of curiosity, I wondered what Reddit would have to say, and got the answers I sort of expected. Some were nothing short of comedic genius. Others took it very seriously and said they kept all the things in there you shouldn't leave outside. Lawn mowers, power tools, yard equipment...

I guess it's true. All that stuff has to go somewhere. And if you've got nowhere else to put it, the garage it is. But all I could think of was my own garage. It's stuffed to the gills, but I will always do everything within my power to park my car indoors. I've lived in Maine all my life, but this is one Maine tradition I'm gonna skip.


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