For the better part of ten years, I was a vegetarian. After a while, I hardly missed meat at all. Granted, I was ok with all those meat replacement things like fake chicken nuggets, veggie burgers, etc. That can take the sting out of cutting meat from your diet. At least to a certain extent.

Although, a few years back, until I finally relented to a wondrous pile of bacon that did me in and brought me back to the life of the carnivore. But to this day, I still eat a lot of vegetables. We have them with every meal. Except that one time I drank too much and only cooked fish. And nothing else. And refused to cook anything else. But that's a different story for another day....

However, according to the website, folks here in Maine consume more vegetables than anywhere else in the country. and we're #5 in country for consuming fruit. So, in reality, we should be a little healthier than the rest of the country. Not 100% sure if that ends up being true or not in the end, though.

So who eats the least vegetables? Well that prestigious honor goes to residents of Louisiana. They eat less veggies than absolutely anyone. Although they come in third for the least fruit. Oklahoma takes the top spot in the least fruit consumed. so do these places just have sides of meat with their meat? It kinda makes you wonder, doesn't it?

It doesn't make me want to run back to being a vegetarian. I don't have extreme veggie pride in our state or anything, but it's nice to know that we aren't known as a state full of chubb-o carnivores that don't eat well. We may not eat great all the time, but we could do worse, it would seem.

So run home, make yourself a veggies lasagna, juice some carrots into a glass, and have apple pie for dessert. Little did you know, by doing so, you're a true Mainer through and through.

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