Remember the "before times" when it came to tax filing?

I remember back in the day when one of the best things about New Years was that it was a short countdown until you got your W2s from your boss, and immediately set about getting everything filed, so you could get your refund as quickly as possible. But then 2020 came and decided to shake things up quite a bit.

It started out fine, but then Covid set in and things started to get a bit wonky. then fast-forward to last year, and it seemed like it was the Wild West when it came to dealing with taxes. The IRS pushed back the date they'd even start taking returns, and never mind when you might actually see a refund if you had one coming.

Filing taxes for 2021 seems to be headed in the same direction.

They've already started hinting at delays in returns, and getting questions answered. Last year, according to WMTW, the IRS only answered one-third of the calls they received at their hotline. This year won't be much better, so they urge you to exhaust the online tools first.

The IRS claims the quickest way to get your return/refund squared away is to make sure your return is totally accurate, in on time, and filed electronically. Additionally, it definitely speeds up the process if you use the direct deposit option, as opposed to waiting for a paper check to arrive in the mail.

Folks can begin filing their taxes this year as of January 24. And because "tax day", April 15 falls on a Friday, the deadline to file has been pushed back to April 18 instead. Of course, folks can file extensions and all the other things they used to do as far as filing. So, start bugging your boss for that W2. They'll totally appreciate it, hahaha.

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