At least on Reddit, New Hampshire is mad at us right now.

I'm always checking out what the latest scuttlebutt is on Reddit. There's always something humorous, whether intentional or not, to find as you cruise through your day. I saw this thread a couple of days ago, and I now see that it's starting to heat up on the site. It's even funnier how it all started.

Redditor u/A-weema-weh shared a post from r/newhampshire that featured a headline talking about how folks in NH might pass a bill that would, in addition to many other things, allow people to not sell condoms if it "goes against their conscience". When he shared this, he also wrote "New Hampshire sucks..."

Then another Redditor reposted that to the r/newhampshire page...

Of course, not to be outdone, someone posted on the NH page that Mainers were mocking them. And this person just couldn't stand it...

We're being mocked by Maine, guys. MAINE! These craps bills need to stop...

Naturally, this prompted u/A-weema-weh to post it again and point out the anger of their NH counterpart. The comments in both threads are absolutely hilarious. What's markedly conspicuous, is that no one from NH seems to dare to respond in the Maine thread and defend their beloved Granite State.

I'm not going to be so bold as to say New Hampshire sucks like that guy did, but I am noticing a certain lack in state pride. Are they living free or dying on Reddit? It seems hard to tell. All I know is that I love a good old-fashioned rivalry. I can't wait to see how deep it gets. Buckle up, kids... it's getting serious, hahaha.


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