Politics in general are just kind of awful. I really don't think it's a party issue for me. I just think most elected officials are more concerned with their imprinting their personal views into a job that is supposed to represent the people that voted them in there. And, we all know they have a tendency to say one thing and do another.

This is not unique to either party. I will literally arm wrestle anyone that tries to tell me otherwise, hahaha. Without being too personal, I'll just say that I feel like I have a foot planted firmly on both sides of the fence, and let logic prevail. But, I also understand how some folks passionately dislike our system of government.

But what can you really do with only two generally recognized parties? Well, in Maine, you can offer yourself a third choice, if that's what you need. Mainers can now become actual registered Libertarians in Maine if they choose, according to WGME - TV13.

When registering to vote, you simply choose where it says 'other qualifying party' and write in Libertarian. Libertarians aren't yet recognized as an official party, so on the voter registration form you'll need to write it in. But, from that point on, in the eyes of our state government, you will be seen as neither democrat or republican.

If Libertarians ever want to be recognized on the ballot in Maine, at least 5000 individuals would have to register under that affiliation. And with the discontent sown by the last couple presidential elections alone, it may be enough to spur more Mainers into aligning themselves with a different party.

Look, it's not perfect, and it's not likely to do much to make a lot of Maine libertarians feel more recognized, but it's a small start towards a push of changing the way we vote. So whether this news excites or enrages you, it's change. Right now, at this point in 2020, a little change could mean a lot.

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