I have a bunch of my own tattoos.

Who doesn't at this point? When I was in my 20s, my grandfather allegedly hated tattoos. So much so, that my mom made me hide them from him. I'm pretty sure he caught a glimpse of them once, and then I think he was afraid my mom would find out. So for a few years, each of them thought they were protecting the other one. Hilarious.

I have a full sleeve, comprised of all Simpsons characters, I have a half-sleeve that's on the avante garde side, but I love it. Then a couple on my legs, one on the back of my neck... You get the idea. But I wanted to know what everyone else was getting for tattoos these days.

Photo: Kevin Bennett
Photo: Kevin Bennett

We've come a long way from sailor flash and tribal bands.

Not there's anything wrong with those. Actually, the old-school sailor designs have had a bit of a renaissance the last few years. Tribals? I think tribals are the Nu Metal of tattoos. Before you think I'm too judgy, I have a gigantic one on my leg that I'll likely cover up someday...

But I put it out there on the old Facebook, and folks couldn't wait to share their fine pieces of work. I wish I could've used all of them, but I maxed out what a photo gallery will allow, haha. But let's take a look at what other people got. Some are very personal, some seem almost random, but they're all wicked awesome. Let's check them out...

These are some of the coolest tattoos around. Keep scrolling to check them out.

Who's Got the Most Awesomest Tattoo?

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