So here we go…most likely.  Now that the votes are counted and the recreational marijuana bill has passed with the voters it sits on the Governor’s desk awaiting a signature but that is just one hurdle.

According to the WCSH LePage has until the 31st to sign but even if he refuses to sign the bill it will be law go into effect in 30 days at least in part. After that period anyone over 21 will be able to posses it without fear of prosecution. At least for now.  The Legislature is still working out the details of food product sales, keeping small children safe and cartel backlash concerns.

The BDN reports thought that many Maine food companies are still moving forward with plans to produce cannabis laced items for sale when the dust settles. A few of these items include:

  • Pot infused maple syrup from Jay
  • An artisanal dark-chocolate cannabis bar
  • Pre- and post-workout pot-infused bars

And you can’t blame them Bloomberg Businessweek says nationally edibles and other infused products are in target to account for half of the billion dollar industry. And the market in Maine is expected to reach $60 million by 2018 if thing continue.

The if of course being a big one since it is still an illegal substance Federally and a new President could completely upset the apple cart if he so decides to.  So for now keep the party plans on hold and time will tell if the plans will be a boom or a bomb.

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