Way back in the olden days of 2016, Mainers showed up at the polls in force. Not just because of the big presidential election that year, but also because the fate of Maine's recreational cannabis hung in the balance with voters. And their voices boomed loudly that day, overwhelmingly voting in the use of weed for personal enjoyment.

Also not a big surprise, it literally took years for our state to figure out the right way to implement the sale and regulation of cannabis in Maine. But here we are, 4 years later, and Mainers have lots of different options around the state for finding the green stuff, and have shown that spending money on it is a priority.

But what about drug testing if it's legal to possess and use in Maine? According to WGME - TV13 via the Associated Press, a lot of Maine businesses have stopped testing for it altogether. To be fair, a lot of Mainers were able to skirt around testing due to their medical status previously. But now, lots of businesses have just stopped.

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The focus seems to have shifted to making sure employees aren't high on the job. Look, if your job is a Dorito tester, or professional video gamer, you can probably puff all you want. But obviously, bus driviers, medical professionals, or heavy machinery operators should probably wait til the end of their day, right?

There's a time and a place for everything, and there's no judgment here as far as what people do on their own time. And it would seem that's the wave of the future. But the key words there "on their own time". Most businesses seem far more interested in your at-work safety, than what you do at home.

But some jobs will likely still require some testing. Such as anything requiring a commercial driver's license, or a job that requires a firearm. But that's probably kind of a no-brainer.

Still, this seems like progress. In an age where everyone screams about privacy, and keeping "the man" out of their business, this seems headed in the right direction. Plus, no one probably wants to face the inconvenience of a lawsuit over a plant that's been made legal. Either way, it's another step towards you just being able to be you.

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