I know, you're having the same reaction I was, like, "did I just read that right?" I actually did my own little double take. I immediately asked myself, would someone really steal at a school fundraiser? And on top of that, one being held at a police station? But that's exactly what happened.

The fundraiser being held last Thursday at the Holden Police Dept. to raise money for schools in Holden. And someone actually had the thought, "hmmmm.... I think I should steal all this money, and maybe all these delicious baked goods while I'm at it...." But not taking the time to actually think through their location.

If I haven't made it blindingly clear yet, the fundraiser was being held AT THE POLICE STATION... At what point do you think this is the best place to commit crimes. And not just any old crime. They stole money and baked goods from a school fundraiser. Really, this all sounds like something right out of a sitcom.

I haven't stolen anything since I was a kid, and I'm not proud of the fact that I ever have, but kids are gonna kid, and things happen. But even at 10 years old when I took that stupid Jolly Rancher Stick (remember those things?!) I knew that that the number one rule of stealing anything, is do it someplace you don't think you'll be caught.

According to WABI - TV5 and the Holden PD via Twitter, the person in question didn't even get that number one rule right. He was apparently totally unaware that the police station would have cameras on the inside and outside of the building. As though for some reason, this dude thought stealing from a bake sale at a police station was the perfect crime.

Well, I assume this guy will get his ''just desserts'' when this is all settled. I mean after all, when the star witness against you is the police, do you really stand much of a chance? But man... this didn't even sound real when I first read it, but here we are. Proving once again, that the "hold my beer..." moments for 2020 are far from over.

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