Usually, the comment sections online are the worst.

In almost any "normal" circumstance, the comment section on a social media post is just a graveyard of armchair quarterbacks and keyboard warriors with nothing better to do than be jerks. It's a wasteland of negativity. I hate them. So much. But every now and then, some magic can happen in a comment section.

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Especially when the post that starts it off is just so colossally stupid. Then, folks often come together to fight a common enemy, which is usually the original poster. Such was the case a while back on Reddit. One guy posed a question that the comment police quickly ran with by asking one simple question...

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What are "best bars in Portland for meeting MILFs/cougars"?

Some folks were almost kind to him. Offering up that a bar is no place to meet someone. Maybe try a place more "safe" than a bar. Someone even suggested a craft fair, as opposed to a craft beer. But as I got further in, people just started roasting the poor dude.

"Have you checked with the Local Milfs in your area? I see ads online ALL the time for them, they’re all lonely too!"


"Local PTA meetings."


"I usually check with your mom before I come to town."


"Salad bar at Whole Foods."

You get the idea. A lot of folks took their turn at showing the guy the error of his ways. Of course, there were the other MILF hunters that gave him what they believed to be the straight 411. But really, is there such a thing as a bar that has a higher chance of hooking up? It's all about your own game isn't it?

My suggestion to this guy? Don't be yourself. It's going to have a boomerang effect.

Hopefully you won't run into "that guy" at these places.

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