When Cori and I started making plans in earnest about doing a morning show together, we had no idea that we'd be starting it from different studios, some ten miles apart. We assumed we'd be in the same space, staring at each other from three feet away. But once upon a time, the I-95 studio wasn't ready for anyone.

A few years back, when Paul & Amanda hosted the morning show, they were in a cramped little studio that had zero windows. Having guests was cramped, and my lord it was hot in there in the summer time. So they came to DJ Fred, and Andy our engineer with a very detailed design of what they wanted out of a new studio.

The Evolution of the I-95 Studio

Someday, we will finally get back into our proper digs and do a proper morning show. Until then, you can always find us in the other spots.... always reach out to the I-95 Facebook page, or on the I-95 app. We're looking out for ya!

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