Those mean old birds, what's a community to do?

This past Sunday, cops in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, dealt with a flock of aggressive wild turkeys that were chasing and startling residents there.  They posted a video of the encounter on Twitter.  Watch as they corral the stubborn birds away from those that were complaining about them.

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife say that full-grown turkeys here can weigh anywhere from 8 to 20 lbs.  Some Tom turkeys can weigh as much as 25 lbs!  The birds can actually fly up to 60 mph, sometimes up to a mile at a time!  These birds can live up to 10 years-old.

Experts say if you encounter an aggressive animal that you should make yourself as big as can be and startle them with movement and noise, although turkeys are pretty stupid and may just stand there and stare at you in amazement.

Hey, next time let the dog out.  Yeah that's right, make it the mutt's gig!

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