I see a lot of weird stuff on Reddit.

We all do. Although, as social media sites go, it's kind of my favorite. It's not as toxic as some of the others can be. Cruising through the comment section on Facebook is often a wasteland of negative energy, and not remotely enough things to laugh at. Instagram is cool, but I can only sit through so many Flat Earth videos.

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Reddit is where people go sometimes, certainly to air their grievances with the world, but it's also often a spot with useful information, or just as often a spot for a hard chuckle. Much was the case today as I was cruising around. Someone pointed out that maybe Massachusetts is getting a little grabby when it comes to the Pine Tree State.

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Apparently some Mass folk think Maine should once again belong to them.

First and foremost, it's all in good fun. In fact, that's what's so great about this post. Watching all that super-inflated Boston bravado being geared towards a hostile takeover of a state with other states in between, is great fodder. Some think it should become one and be renamed "Megachusetts". I could get on board with this...

Hanif Zahari
Hanif Zahari

Others thought it may as well include New Hampshire and Vermont, and others asked, "why stop there?" Why no take New York too? Although, my favorite comment came from u/Machetemaster, who said:

You will lose the full-frontal attack. Do what you’ve been doing for years: buying up property, visiting relentlessly and telling everyone you’re from RI or NY.

Perfect strategy...

My only real response is, why don't we take them instead?

Maine Highway Map (vector)
Jami Garrison

To be fair, I found the Maine post first, but most in there agree that we should definitely be the aggressor. Perhaps we should mount our majestic Mooses and ride south to freedom... Great plan! Regardless, I could think of worse things than becoming part of Massachusetts.

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We already pretty much think we're from there anyway, based on the way people refer to Mass based sports teams as "we". Last I saw Ronnie, you can't even see your feet anymore, so I doubt you'll ever play for the Celtics. Just sit back and warm up those keyboard fingers for fighting the pretend verbal war we're at with Massachusetts.

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