For animal lovers, pictures like these can be tough to take. Unfortunately, for those who work with animals, it's a sight that they have to witness, from time to time, in order to help these animals recover from such conditions, if possible.

This little pup showed up to the Humane Society Waterville Area a few months ago, in pretty rough shape.

According to folks working at the shelter,

"Kurt came in at 12 weeks as a surrender completely covered in mange from head to toe. Due to the severity of the mange, Kurt's skin started to blister and scab over from the irritation of the untreated mange. The next day we were able to get Kurt in to see a Vet to start him on a treatment plan for his mange and to get him on the road to recovery."

Kurt Before 2 , courtesy Humane Society Waterville Area Facebook
Kurt Before 2 , courtesy Humane Society Waterville Area Facebook

"This road to recovery was not going to be a short one as the next two weeks consisted of medicated baths and lots of medication to help treat. During this process, Kurt came down with a secondary infection that caused him to break with a fever and congestion which only meant more medications and longer recovery. Almost 3 weeks later Kurt is finally near the light at the end of the recovery tunnel. This resilient puppy has new hair re-growth, lots of energy, and some of the highest spirits."

But with hard work, caring hands, and a lot of plucky perseverance, this determined little dog is doing much better, I'm glad to report.

Kurt After , courtesy Humane Society Waterville Area Facebook
Kurt After , courtesy Humane Society Waterville Area Facebook
"Kurt is a 3-month-old chow mix that was surrendered to us a few weeks ago.
Kurt has been with us for a few weeks and has been receiving lots of care to clear up his skin as well as an infection in his lungs. Kurt has been one strong fellow!
Today was his first official day feeling a lot better and we wanted to share that with all of you!"
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The folks at the Humane Society Waterville Area had put the call out for donations, via their Facebook page,  to help with Kurt's care and recovery.
"We are trying to raise funds to contribute to the cost of all of Kurt's medical treatment and care as he will be in foster for the next 6 months as he continues to recover and go to appointments. Without the help of donations, we cannot continue to save and help animals like Kurt every single day."
They have a donation link for Kurt's care set up on their website. To help, you can click here.
So far, they've been able to raise just over $1,300.
 "Thank you so much to everyone who has called, messaged, and donated on behalf of Kurt's care. "
They also have a wish list set up via an Amazon link, here.
They're reaching out once again, this time to see if they can find a special someone to foster this courageous canine.
 "Kurt is officially seeking a foster to adopt and donations so we can provide long-term care for Kurt until his hair is fully restored and he can officially be neutered."
I have no doubt, based on the cascade of comments left on the Humane Society's page, there will be plenty of prospects to pick from, as Kurt and his big puppy eyes, have managed to capture everyone's heart.
One person even wished the tenacious tail-wagger well on the rest of his doggie life:
"Hi Sweet glad you are feeling better....I hope you find your fur-ever home and have the best rest of your life."
We echo that sentiment, little dude. Get well soon, Kurt. And we wish you the best, little buddy!

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