I don't miss restaurant work, but I still love to eat.

I worked in kitchens most of my life, before finally settling down in radio. In my opinion, it's more of a young man's, really. It's high stress, long hours, and almost all those hours will be on your feet. The only way to get 5 seconds to sit down if you work in a busy place, is to go to the bathroom. It's the only place no one will chase you down.


I never considered myself a chef, though. I'm not creative enough. I was the best sous chef. I can replicate what your vision is, I just don't have that brain-based taste buds to come up with the actual dishes. People with that skill operate at a whole different level. I'm just a line cook at heart... wanting to be told what to do, and letting you take the fall if it doesn't work, hahaha!

Maine has a worldwide recognized food scene.

There's no question. People flock to Maine from everywhere to eat at Freedom's The Lost Kitchen, or at Primo in Rockland, or at Portland culinary stalwart, Fore Street. All these places are recognized by some of the finest chefs and critics around the globe. But honestly, a slightly disproportionate amount of attention is paid to Southern Maine.

Cooking facility for chef students

That's definitely going to change now, as Milo is about to enter the conversation. Thanks in no small part to the James Beard Award nomination to Chef Joe Robbins. He works for Bissell Brothers Three Rivers, and has been bringing his spin on Native American cuisine into the restaurant, according to the BDN.

What's on the menu?

Succotash, bison tacos, and many other comfort food items are on their menu. Joe is nominated in the "Emerging Chefs" category, and has some stiff competition from other chefs around Maine. Some Northern Maine spots have seen some success such as The Quarry in Monson, or the Alna Store.


It's a long way to go until the upper part of the state is as widely recognized as the south, but with additions like these, being nominated for huge awards, it's only a matter of time. Let's see what happens... But for now, good luck to Joe and all the other semi-finalists from Maine!

Let's have a look at the other Maine chefs nominated for James Beard Awards this year...

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