We just had that awesome lunar eclipse a while back.

Several weeks ago, we actually had Mother Nature cooperating with us and actually gave us a solid glimpse of the lunar eclipse. More often than not, the weather ends up playing way more of a role than we'd like when it comes to viewing these heavenly happenings. Got an awesome sight to see? Not in Maine, hahaha!

Now, as we have an unbelievable rare chance to see something totally unreal in our skies, Mother Nature wants to literally rain on our parade. It just seems like an inevitability. Like, how did we manage to get to see the lunar eclipse? I feel like I haven't seen a solid meteor shower in forever.

Looks like more of the same, old letdown.

WGME reported just the other day that Maine was supposed to be able to witness a super rare occurrence, which is the full moon eclipsing Mars. It's not something that happens often. In fact, Mainers haven't witnessed this particular cosmic event in well over a decade. So it's not like it's something we get to see much.

But according to the National Weather Service, the forecast says it's supposed to start raining on Tuesday night and go all the way into Thursday. Basically obliterating our chances of seeing this happen in our night sky. In fact, we won't even get much sight of the full moon. Other than the cloudy skies will look extra bright.

It would be nice to not get the short end of the stick on these things all the time, but what are you gonna do? I suppose you could book a flight and get above the clouds? But that would be a bit outlandish. But so is our weather. Oh well. Maybe next time.

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