Not as easy to choose as you thought, huh?

I had to sit with this one for a minute. I've lived in Maine my whole life, comprised of family who all come from the most "Maine" parts of Maine you can. We didn't grow up as big city folks. We lived in a small town, had a camp, and I had a grandmother who seemingly spent all her spare time in the kitchen.

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That's not my real grandmother, by the way... But, we ate like kings and queens. And we followed all the traditions. We had beans and hot dogs on Saturday nights. We had fish every Friday, as my grandfather was Catholic... Pork pie at the holidays. You name it. I can't say I follow many of the old ways at this point because I'm shamefully too busy. But I know Maine food when I see it. Or eat it.

Tourists will all say it's lobsters, but Mainers won't.

If you started polling people, asking what their favorite Maine meal was, you'd get pummeled with different answers. If you ask tourists, we all know what their answer is. But Mainers rarely say lobster. Sure, we love it. But we're a bit desensitized to it compared to other places outside New England. So what do we love the most?

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After scanning a thread on Reddit, Mainers love all the foods you'd kind of expect. We love our Moxie, whoopie pies, Allen's coffee brandy... But we also adore brook trout and venison and seafood that isn't lobster. We have a much more diverse palate than the flatlanders think. They think we all just dip our lobster in baked beans and eat nothing else.

But have a look here for yourself, and see what Mainers think should really be on the table. Yes, lobster does make an appearance on the list, but surprisingly on the thread on Reddit, it barely came up. Blueberries on the other hand... We may actually have a slight obsession. Check it out...

These are the foods Mainers love to eat, according to Mainers.

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