Maine is literally the Cryptid epicenter of the world.

Maine is home to the world's only full-on cryptozoology museum down in Portland. Although, it's slated to move up here to Bangor in the not-too-distant future. they've already moved their extensive book collection up here, over on Hammond Street. the point is, here in Maine we understand the real deal when it comes to cryptids.

Well, kinda. As I was cruising around online, I saw a bit about the most popular cryptid creature in each state. I can't say exactly what I assumed Maine's most popular creature would be, but the answer I found surprised me more than if I'd run into the creature itself out in the woods.

What would you assume is Maine's most popular creature is?

I clicked on the article expecting something fairly mundane like Bigfoot. Not that it would be mundane to actually run into Bigfoot, but that's what I figured it would be. Or maybe the Wendigo, based on the rich Native American history we have in Maine. But the answer completely surprised me.

In Maine, apparently our most popular cryptid is the Dover Demon. So naturally I assumed its history to be based in Dover-Foxcroft, but nope. Dover, Massachusetts is where this bad boy comes from. Its first appearance was in the 70s by a series of teenage boys in the Dover area. We can chuckle, but the legend has held on to the point of being featured on TV shows and in books.

But I gotta say, not once in my life have I had an earnest conversation with anyone in Maine about the Dover Demon. So how it got to be the most popular according to this website, I'm not totally sure. They mention Google searches, etc. But at the end of the day... Give me Bigfoot, or give me death. Ride or die, baby.

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