Moxie has been scarce for quite some time.

If you follow Reddit or Facebook or whatever, you'd see a serious trend of folks who complain they can't find Moxie anywhere. Some folks have claimed to have traveled within an hour's radius of where they live, trying to find their beloved soda. Pop if you're from Wisconsin, but we're from Maine so who cares?

A few years back, Coca-Cola bought the Moxie brand, and as a Moxie lover, I can tell you that the availability of Moxie has been touch and go ever since. Especially once the pandemic began. In the early days, people were buying comfort items, and on a larger scale, Moxie matters most to Mainers. Sadly, that meant production slowed.

Recent supply chain issues have fouled up availability even more since.

According to WGME, Coca-Cola has been saying that's changing. Folks around Maine may start to see Moxie back on the shelves as early as this weekend. Who knows how widespread it will be at first, but it would appear they're ramping up production on our favorite non-Allen's/Fireball beverage of choice.

Here's a brief history of Maine's iconic soda...

It couldn't come at a better time, as the announcement of the return of the Moxie Festival in Lisbon was announced this week. Hopefully, Coca-Cola will save a bunch of the "special sauce" and be able to mix up plenty for the festival. But just knowing we can all get a fix soon is nothing to sneeze at.

Sure, it'd be nice if it was totally under in-state control, and not owned by a big, national corporate entity. But this is just the way it is. If there's any silver lining at all, it's that it might make us appreciate Moxie even more. But I gotta say as a bored and bred Mainer, it's gonna be hard to appreciate any more. We loooooove our Moxie.


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