So here we are, with Thanksgiving only a week away. During what is likely one of the craziest years of all our lives. We've had nothing but disappointment in 2020 with shows, sports, and honestly, just about everything being canceled due to virus concerns. And naturally, this has caused a lot of hard feelings for folks.

But at some point, the complaining has to stop, and decisions need to made. I am NOT here to tell anyone what they should do, just what I'm going to do. Sure, just like since the pandemic began, there will be plenty of people who over compensate, and plenty who will do nowhere near enough to stay safe. But hey, that's you doing you.

But in my family, we decided to take our 2020 lemons and make pandemonade. The different groups of my family have all committed to having their own Turkey Day meals at home. But later on, we're going to bundle up, and have a big bonfire in my backyard, and have hot drinks and desserts. After all, isn't Thanksgiving about people, not food?

But there's so many things you could do to lift your spirits, instead of being crushed with gloom and doom. You could just gather with your immediate family, and have a smaller meal. You could have a family Zoom meeting to connect. Especially since Zoom is lifting their time limit for the holiday.

You could cook a bunch of food and deliver it to friends and relatives. I'm sure they'd love to see you, even just for a few minutes on the doorstep while you deliver food. You could take it a step further and volunteer to serve food. Or you could do nothing at all, and just say screw it all til next year.

But that's the most important thing to remember. Next year will likely look entirely different, and that as bad as this all sucks, it's not forever. It's just right now. In the nearer than distant future, things will get beck to normal. We just have to be patient. Yes, that's hard. But I'm willing to cross my fingers and wait it out. Are you?

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