Five Peregrine falcon chicks now call these cliffs their own until at least this fall.  That's very cool!   There's also good news for hikers, as these areas are open once again for everyone to enjoy!

Back on March 17th the National Park Service closed the Precipice, Valley Cove, and Jordan cliffs, along with associated trails within Acadia National Park to the public, so that peregrine falcons could nest hassle free.

Peregrine falcons are relentless defenders of their nesting areas.  Did you know that an adult Peregrine falcon can fly as fast as 240 mph?  It's probably not a good idea to be standing on the side of a cliff with one of those coming at you!

These areas will be open again this Thursday, August 3rd.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Over the past twenty years, 125 chicks have been born successfully in the area of the cliffs, proving to park administrators that the closures have been working.

“The temporary closures have contributed to another successful breeding year for peregrine falcons in Acadia National Park, and we appreciate the cooperation of visitors in helping to make this possible,” said Superintendent Kevin Schneider in a press release. “We encourage visitors to enjoy the hiking trails that have reopened and be sure to keep safety in mind, especially on the Precipice Trail.”


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