Have you ever been sitting around, eating an amazing dinner of pulled pork, and somewhere in the back of your mind you ask yourself, 'Wouldn't it be cool to throw an axe right now, and work off a few of these calories?'

Ok, maybe not specifically. But you have to admit, the idea is pretty awesome. Well now in Bangor, this is about to become a reality. Smoke and Steel BBQ is getting ready to bring this concept to town over on Stillwater Ave, in the old Kashi spot over near Buffalo Wild Wings.

And it won't just be axe throwing. Also, they'd like to bring some live music to that area. As owner Greg Hawes pointed out when he talked to WABI - TV5, there's a lot of great musical talent in this area, and a fairly limited number of places for musicians to perform. So they'd like to add that element to their experience as well.

He also points out, that what they do appeals to a large cross section of the area's populace. I mean... who doesn't want to eat some food, have a brew perhaps, and throw some heavy metal at a target for a while?! Seems like a pretty universal pleasure to me, but I'm a bit odd, haha. Hawes said this to WABI:

It’s something to do all the way from corporate team buildings to doctor’s offices. We’ll do it all, you know, live music. There is a ton of talent in this area, but not many places to go see live music, so we’ll be set up for it.

They hope to be up and running by late spring or early summer. By then, the time should be right. Most folks will have been vaccinated by then, likely some limitations will have been relaxed, and maybe the people will be more relaxed too. And really, what better way to relax, than with some good, old fashioned axe throwing? I know I'm in!

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