I remember when cannabis legalizations seemed like a pipe dream.

Pun fully intended of course... But it's true. I remember 20+ years ago, it seemed so far-fetched that we'd ever see any kind of legal weed. But here we are. first the medical cannabis, and then in 2016 it became recreationally legal across the board here in Maine. More states follow suit each year. It's crazy.

Bulat Silvia
Bulat Silvia

But there's an interesting change likely coming at the state level that is a whole new concept. The state has already sent a new bill through both the house and senate that would make it possible for those on probation or awaiting trial, to legally consume or grow cannabis, with no fear of backlash.

What's next?

Since it passed both chambers, the bill is headed for Gov. Mills desk. If she declines to sign it, it will go into law automatically after 10 days. But in short, this means that for instance, you had to take a mandatory drug test from your probation officer, you won't be in trouble if you test positive for cannabis. Presumably this doesn't extend to any other drugs.

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The only exception would be that it was determined that using or cultivating cannabis would somehow considered to be dangerous to the individual or to other people. So unless it's a harm to you or others, cannabis will no longer be considered a violation. It's seems like another in a long line of very progressive steps Maine has taken in relation to cannabis laws.

Undoubtedly, this will be great news for a specific group of Mainers, but it's also likely to cut down on a lot of red tape and paperwork for probation officers. That's another reason to celebrate in this case. Who doesn't love making things easier for people now and then?

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