I'm on the bandwagon that Maine should've changed the state flag.

Ok, notI'll admit it. I think the current Maine State Flag is kind of lame. While I am deeply proud of where I live, I feel like there's so much going on with it, it's really hard to tell what the point is. The meaning gets a bit lost in all the busy-ness of the design.

TSM photo
TSM photo


I was a much bigger fan of the recent proposal back to our turn-of-the-century suggestion. They even sell them on Amazon.


I think it's much more true to what Maine is about. Lobsters aren't who we are, in my opinion. But the pine tree and North Star design is pretty much spot on. Why it didn't make the cut, I'm not sure. But the state should reconsider, I think. And while they're at it, they should perhaps consider other submissions as well.

I think this design from Reddit really captures where our heads are at as Mainers.

It really does. If I learned one thing form the pandemic, it's how tired a lot of old-school Mainers seem to be about the influx of new Mainers. It's tempting to be grumpy about it, but living in a state where only new residents will grow our population, we should probably ease up a bit. However, this flag idea seems as perfect as it gets.

I saw it on Reddit, and I actually LOL'd. Sure, it's cynical. It's also hilarious. I will never get enough of the Chickadee with the jack knife. I want that on a shirt that says something like "Maine Thug Life" or whatever. It'd be brilliant. At any rate, I think we can all agree that Maine could re-think the flag, and make it more... honest...

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