A lot of folks have moved to Maine in the last couple years.

I know that's not exactly new news, but our population has been exploding with plenty of people who've never lived in a state like Maine, so they're not all necessarily aware of what they're in for. Sure, lots of other states have harsher winters than us, but our weather is so varied and unpredictable.

Someone on Reddit was asking for tips as a new Mainer, and folks were actually quite kind to her in the comment section. You know it can be, if some flatlander from away doesn't ask things quite right, Mainers will often take a chance to cyber-shred them. But this thread was quite informative if you're new here.

If you're an OG Mainer, all this will be old information to you.

But if you just arrived and have never experienced Maine in the winter, this could all be very useful info. Obviously, you should follow the link to the whole post, because there are dozens of comments, all being pretty straightforward about how to cope with January, haha. Some of these things were:

  • Spikes for your shoes
  • Waterproof boots
  • Plenty of fleeces
  • Flannel lined jeans
  • Lots of wool socks, or SmartWools

There were tons of other comments/reminders too, about making sure to wear multiple layers, and for instance, buying a coat that's big enough to fit a sweater or Hoodie under. That's really the key too, is the layering. One thick coat will not keep you as warm as a long sleeve shirt, hoodie, and a warm coat over those. You'll be untouchable.

I'm sure it can be intimidating if you've never lived in a place like Maine, but it's nice to see an online group actually try to help out, instead of being the usual xenophobic, outsider-hating Mainers. Hooray for being nice!

Here's some more great tips for you this winter...

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