I remember when emojis were just letters and numbers.

When I first started using AIM back in the day, and eventually texting, I was only accustomed to emojis by using weird combos of letters, numbers, and symbols. Some of which have become commonplace at this point. the smiley-face emoji is pretty much the O.G. emoji, but remember when it just looked like this?


That was it. That was the whole thing. Nowadays if you try to do that on a phone, it'll automatically switch to the emoji. It's kind of hilarious. And of course, even in the early days of making homemade emojis, people found ways to make them softcore pornographic. We had to wait a few more years for eggplants and water splooshes.

For all you outdoorsy folks, the new Moose has arrived...

These days, there's any number of choices to use for enhancing the meaning behind your texts. There have to be hundreds of choices on my phone with everything from emergency lights to doggie-doo. But up until a few years ago, there was never a lobster. Some gentle nudging finally made it happen and we can emote lobsters whenever we feel like it.

JStew iPhone
JStew iPhone

Now, according to WGME, you can add the Moose to that list. You can already access a deer emoji, but this will bring it to a whole new place for the sportsmen and women of Maine. Just another way you can let people know where you are. If you were to return my text with a moose emoji, I'd probably assume you were on the hunt. Check it out!

JStew iPhone
JStew iPhone

For better or worse, Maine manages to stay out of the national spotlight most of the time. And while moose aren't exclusive to us, this feels like something that's ours. If you want to access the moose emoji, all you have to do is update to the latest OS on your device and it should be there automatically. Let's text each other some mooses!!

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