I personally don't know anyone who doesn't love a good taco.

Do you? Are you actually friends with that person? Because I think they're basically a food unicorn. Before I even had tacos the first time, I remember seeing a bit on the "big Blue Marble" TV show, where there was a Mexican family making tortillas. The first time I ever went to a Mexican restaurant when I was young, that's all I wanted was tortillas.

Then I almost vividly remember that first real taco. My 8-year old mind was blown. Forget pizza. I wanted tacos 24/7. When I lived in southern Maine, there were some serious taco joints around, to the point where my wife and I had tacos, easily once or twice a week. Corn tortillas are grocery staple in our house too.

Hampden looks like it's getting tacos of its own.

As a resident, I follow the Living in Hampden Facebook page. Someone on there was recently asking other about a rumor that there was a new taco place coming to town called "Mainely Tacos". Someone went so far as to post a screenshot from the town's official website, citing new business stuff being filed under "Mainely Tacos".

Photo J Stew
Photo J Stew

This is great news for Hampdeners, as we have pretty limited options for dining within town limits. Although just about everything within Hampden's borders is awesome, having another option is pretty darned exciting. I can't find any website, or Facebook page featuring that name, so we'll have to be patient and let the story unfold.

So taco peeps, you'll have to hang on a bit longer to see. It looks like they're going to be located on Main Road near Erickson's Hardware, in the little plaza, right adjacent to Bangor Savings Bank. All that really matters, is there are tacos in our future, and who isn't a fan of future tacos?!


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