Here we go again... The Sequel.

But like most sequels, this one is pretty weak. Over Christmas, most Mainers experienced unreal wind and rain, floods, washouts, immense power outages, and lord knows what else... There are still a handful of Mainers looking to get the power back, almost a solid week later.

Social media has given a solid glimpse into what people have been going through during all this. I've seen people complain for sure, but I've also seen people who understood what a catastrophic event last weekend was, and were just elated to have power again. So when you look at the forecast for this weekend at a glance, it might make your stomach turn for a second.

More warm temps and rain are on the way.

So this is where the weak sequel comes in... While there is a bunch of rain headed our way Saturday night into Sunday, there don't seem to be any winds associated with this storm. So there's that. Is it going to be fun to duck in and out of bars and parties all night in the pouring rain? Probably not. But, you probably won't have a pine tree in your living room when you get home either. Bonus!

The National Weather Service says the rains should arrive mid-afternoon on Saturday, and stick around pretty much all of New Years Day. But hey... it's not snow. It's not bitter cold. It's not mega-winds knocking trees down. It's a spot of rain. But it just couldn't wait til the next day. I'm telling you... Maine is the place Mother Nature hates.

Anyway, bring a rain coat, and happy New Year.

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