We were surprised to find what part of Maine was the most anxious.

Work, travel, relationships, money, and so much more contribute to the growing number of people with excessive anxiety. Who would have though Vacationland could be so stressful!

According to data collected from Google focused on driving, travel, and separation anxiety as well as anxiety at work, anxiety at school and anxiety at home, Maine was the hub of the majority of searches related to anxiety. In fact Maine has 21% more anxiety than the national average!

It also was somewhat shocking to see Presque Isle named the epicenter of anxiety in the country. It is noted that the searches related to anxiety increase around the same time people are searching things like scarves and winter hats, suggesting winter and winter prep to be a big cause of Mainer's anxiety.

The least anxious state according to these findings is Oregon. The west overall has less anxiety while every state in New England has high anxiety.

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