There's a time and a place for everything.

In my social media lifetime, I've probably taken fewer selfies than most people. I've never really been much into my looks (it probably shows) or cared what other people thought. I'm more apt to post a picture of my drums or my dog than I am a photo of myself. Some people, however, go bananas when it comes to selfies.

Maybe take the selfie at home? I bet you'll be ten times more likely to look at what's behind you in a photo at home, right? Your mom might see how you live!

But recently, there's been some debate over the right time and place for selfies. In a world where everyone kinda convinces themselves, they're an "influencer", taking photos of yourself doing all manner of things has become almost a social norm. But what happens when that norm violates someone else's rights? Or worse, body.

The gym locker room is quickly becoming a place to leave your phone alone.

For instance, in Bangor, Gold's Gym has no begun prohibiting the act of selfie-ing in their locker rooms. It starts out innocently enough. You're taking a photo to show off all your hard work in the gym, but you may not know there's some dude behind you in the locker room, standing around with his cash and prizes hanging out.

Now, if you posted that right to Facebook or Instagram, you're potentially setting yourself up for criminal action, because you showed that person's naked body without their permission. And you may not have even known you've done it. But that'll be no excuse in court, according to WABI.

Per state law, it's a violation of privacy. Besides, what a buzzkill it would be to be accidentally photobombed by someone your granddad's age, in the buff. We all know there's that one guy who's just waaaaaay too comfortable walking around naked. Don't risk legal trouble.

Gold's Gym here in town doesn't want you to stop posting photos altogether, just not in the private areas, where you might accidentally photograph someone's private areas. Seems fair enough. Better yet, Maybe take the selfie at home? I bet you'll be ten times more likely to look at what's behind you in a photo at home, right? Your mom might see how you live!


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