If you're heading to the coast to spend some time on the water today, make sure you dress for the conditions.

While the weather will be on the warmer side today, the waters are still cold, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Its conditions like these that have prompted NOAA to issue a Beach Hazard for Hancock and Washington Counties that extends from Friday morning into Friday evening.

According to NOAA, the temperature of most Maine waters is about 50 degrees right now. The concern is that the warmer air temps, slated to hit the upper 70's today, will mislead people into thinking the water is warmer than it actually is. And when folks are unprepared for cold water conditions, and end up in the water, that can be a recipe for disaster.

"Anyone on boats or paddlecraft should use caution and be prepared for immersion. Dress for water temperatures and know how to perform rescues. Be aware of wind conditions, tides, and localized currents."

They also remind folks to always wear their life jackets when on the water.

The forecast for this weekend looks like it's going to be a good one, with lots of sunshine and warm temps right through Labor Day. And with people looking to make the most of the last few weekends in summer, it's likely there will me more traffic heading to the water.

Take the time to think ahead a little, and prepare. Better to be safe than sorry.

Now get out there and enjoy yourself!

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