I think we can all agree in the world of movies that sequels kinda suck. But the only thing worse, if not much worse, is a re-boot. Never have I ever seen a re-booted movie or TV show that was ever worth it's salt. That's even true 50% of the time with song covers. Usually they just leave you pining for the real deal.

You can imagine my horror then, when I saw that Play-Doh is now making "grown up" scented Play-doh. This is a travesty. Trust me, I'm sure they'll be the hit of every Yankee Swap at this year's office Christ-mask party. Everyone standing around sipping egg nog under a mask, and guffawing at your old/new/adult/child's toy.

What was wrong with Play-doh as it was? It was just this semi-tasty, salty clay that was somehow more fun than regular clay. And the shapes you could squeeze out through the weird re-purposed plastic potato ricer... the star snake, the noodle, octogons, etc. The scents of this new stuff doesn't inspire stuffing anything through anything.

But c'mon... Mom jeans? That's a scent? Eeeww. Spa Day? Is this just cucumbers and baby oil? Overpriced Latte? I bet you an overpriced Latte is cheaper than this Play-doh. At $12 a box, it sure ain't free. Granted, we've all blown way more money on things even more frivolous than this, but I don't want to make a dinosaur made of mom jeans.

I just feel like in 2020, we need more things that make us comfortable. Make some Play-Doh that smells like a nap. Try that. But stop messing with things that I have countless fond memories of from when I was a kid. If I can't sit around and wax rhapsodic about my childhood, it'll make my adulthood miserable.

So keep your hands outta my Play-Doh. The world should just go back to ruining things people don't care about. Like TV dinners, and vegan cheese. My toys need to stay the same. However... if you just gotta have this product of the devil, you can purchase it right now on Amazon. But just know that you're a heathen.

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